Suning Plaza, Zhuzhou, Hunan

Project location: Intersection of Lushan Road and Huanghe North Road, Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province

Product model: LSF156, HWY1034

Product specifications: 591×900mm

Application area:  flooring of public area on the first to fifth floor


Recently, Hunan province’s first and also the first full-service shopping mall in Zhuzhou’s Xinhexi Commercial District, Suning Plaza, opened its doors. The scene attracted thousands of people to check in. The floor tiles used in this public area of the project are Sightone Marble products.



From the beginning layout, Zhuzhou Suning Plaza has positioned "wisdom, cultural creativity, ecology, and art" to create new consumption scenes from the architectural space form to the in-depth experience of commercial formats. In the project construction bidding process, Sightone Marble relied on its high-quality products and complete supporting services to highly meet the project concept and needs, and stood out from many competing products and was selected as the designated supplier of floor materials.



Strolling in the square, the beige stone is spread on a large area, and the gray stone line is used as an embellishment. The material itself is randomly scattered with a large number of irregular natural marble particles (aggregate), which has a perfect sense of high quality, detail and three-dimensionality. It highlights the high-end taste of the commercial plaza, and brings consumers a stylish and elegant quality life experience.



画王·大理石是广西利升石业有限公司旗下品牌,经过近年来稳健的发展,产品被广泛应用于各大项目和地标建筑,并成为恒大、万科、中海、绿地、融创、龙湖、新城等10多个国内一线地产商的战略合作伙伴和精装定制配套品牌。In recent years, after steady development, Sightone Marble products have been widely used in major projects and landmark buildings, and have become a strategic cooperation with more than 10 domestic first-line real estate developers, including Evergrande, Vanke, China Shipping, Greenland, Sunac, Longhu, and Xincheng. Partners and hardcover customized supporting brands.


Assisting Suning Plaza build a smart city commercial complex and living space, which reflects the high quality of Sightone Marble. In the future, Sightone Marble will adhere to the brand concept of "Builder of Modern Space Aesthetics", and strive to become a quality leader in the field of artificial stone, and build a better living space with our customers.